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What is markup assist?AutoCAD markup assist, a new feature, automates the process of aligning geometry that's drawn on existing drawing pages. In other words, AutoCAD creates virtual versions of those drawings that help you more easily align those pages to one another.Start with a base or master page, or directly use a drawing page. This is what you see after you start AutoCAD markup assist.Double-click the draw cursor (AutoCAD shortcut: c) and the drawing area is automatically selected.Double-click again to start assist.The drawing area is automatically selected, but it will be replaced by the "Page Display" window.How do I use AutoCAD markup assist?Click the Align button (that's the long arrow) in the upper-right corner of the Markup Assist window.Click the left or right arrow buttons to select the direction in which you want to align.Double-click the mouse to "lock" the alignment.After you click the mouse, you can move and resize the geometry as you please.You can see what your settings will look like after you finish aligning.Click the Save button at the bottom to save your settings. You can use this setting to automatically align your next drawing page.Note: For some AutoCAD users, the orientation of the "Page Display" window is different from that of AutoCAD. Users can manually adjust the orientation of the "Page Display" window as follows.Click the Window and Task Panes button in the upper-right corner of the AutoCAD window.Select Display from the Options list.Click on the Orientation tab.Adjust the orientation to match that of the "Page Display" window.One way to configure settingsAdjust the Settings button.Under Select, check the items you want to appear.Under Align to, select the items you want to align to.Under Align to, select the items you want to align to.Select the Add to drop-down menu.Note: For some AutoCAD users, the items you selected appear automatically in the Align To or Align To list.How do I make a "virtual" drawing page?After you start markup assist, the drawing 2be273e24d


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