As a non-diet dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, I'm passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food. I am a champion for pleasurable, satisfying food and I believe that you deserve to eat all types of food, free from guilt and shame. I feel strongly that healthy behaviors aren't restrictive, and I believe respectful care for all bodies is essential. I recognize that access to adequate food and respectful healthcare are essential human rights. My goal is to help people reconnect to the needs of their body through self-compassion, curiosity, and the practice of nonjudgmental exploration. We will work to help you build trust in your body and heal your relationship with food through increased awareness, experience and exploration.

I believe it is essential to practice inclusive care. I hope to create and provide a space that feels as welcoming and as safe as possible for all. 
Let's explore how you can cultivate a peaceful relationship with food and your body.


Kathleen's philosophy is anti-diet, fat positive and weight inclusive, and she believes body liberation should be accessible to all.  She incorporates the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. She is trained and certified as an intuitive eating counselor by the "original intuitive eating pros."

Located in Los Angeles, Kathleen (she/her) has New England roots. She has an undergraduate nutrition degree and a Master’s of Science from Boston University in Nutritional Sciences. She has practiced as an RD in Boston, Houston and Dallas, and is licensed to work in many states across the country.


After working in more traditional inpatient and outpatient roles in the past, Kathleen now partners with clients virtually, and uses a whole-person approach to help people explore their individual needs. She receives professional supervision to support her work.

With a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach, Kathleen is passionate about weaving evidence-based science with lived experience. Together, you will explore what it means to heal your relationship with food and body.

Outside of counseling, Kathleen enjoys leisurely mornings (very rare these days!), the great outdoors, day-dreaming about getting a labrador, reading a good book, and time with family.