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As a non-diet dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, I'm passionate about satisfying foods
and respectful care for all bodies.  My goal is to help people reconnect to their body's needs through self-compassion, curiosity, and the practice of self-care. 
I am dedicated to helping others enhance
well-being through an increased awareness of
inner wisdom and past experience.
Healthy behaviors aren't restrictive or reductionist.
Let's explore what that means for you. 

Now located in Houston, TX, Kathleen has New England roots. She earned both an undergraduate nutrition degree and a Master’s of Science from Boston University in Nutritional Sciences. Kathleen now practices with a weight-inclusive approach, and she is grateful to practice within the non-diet framework, using the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. Kathleen is trained and certified as an intuitive eating counselor by the original intuitive eating pros.


Having filled more traditional inpatient and outpatient roles, Kathleen now works with clients virtually and uses a whole-person approach to help people examine what healthy really means.  


With a non-diet, weight-inclusive 

approach, Kathleen is dedicated to weaving

evidence-based science with the lived experience of her clients. She will help you explore what it means to heal your relationship with food and body.

Outside of counseling, Kathleen enjoys leisurely breakfasts, the great outdoors (especially her hometown in VT!), day-dreaming about getting a labrador, reading a good book, and exploring new places with loved ones.