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How long will we need to meet?

It depends!  Number of sessions is very individualized and will vary from person to person. Many factors are at play -  the reason for visiting, someone’s past relationship with food and current food struggles, "readiness to change," level of support desired, and more. Some folks choose to meet for a few sessions, and others prefer more consistent, longer-term support. I always check in to see how you're feeling about our work and while I may make recommendations, of course the choice is ultimately yours. 


Most patients start weekly, and we spread sessions out over time.

Do I have to have an eating disorder to work with you?

Not all clients have active eating disorders. Considering food and nutrition through this lens can be helpful for most - after all, the alternative is often rigid, fear-based nutrition. Many people can benefit from exploration of gentle nutrition, meal preparedness, connection with internal hunger and satiety cues, joyful movement, and specific condition management. If you're feeling at all distressed about food or body, this work may be helpful. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition advice, let's connect. 

Will I lose weight?

While we don’t provide weight loss services, we will always hold space for weight concerns you may have. Many clients want to lose weight - we feel strongly that a person can desire weight loss while getting curious about a weight inclusive, anti-diet approach. Talking about weight is welcome and encouraged within session - it is our belief that we must acknowledge weight concerns with compassion, understanding and curiosity. We live in a fat-phobic culture that values certain bodies over others, and, for a number of reasons, focusing on achieving weight loss won’t be emphasized in our sessions. Restricting food, micromanaging intake and following food rules can often interfere with healing one’s relationship with food. If you’re interested in learning more about weight science and how we came to this weight-inclusive perspective as a practice, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can also read more, here

What should I know about working together?

I aim to check in to see how you feel our sessions are going, but please know that I also welcome honest feedback. If you would like to discuss something we haven't touched on, please let me know. If you prefer more or less structure, we can make adjustments. If I have missed the mark, feel free to tell me. If you're feeling curious about the direction of our work, let's discuss.

What are your rates?

Initial sessions are $175, and follow up sessions are $140. Equity pricing is available - please feel free to inquire via email.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You will be required to pay a $100 fee if you cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for our session - thank you for understanding this policy. 

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