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Client Testimonials

J, Los Angeles

"10 sessions with Kathleen helped me unlearn some stubborn things that I thought were intractable. Investing in working with a non-diet dietitian was one of the greatest gifts I've given myself. I gained a deeper understanding of the body, the nuance of nutrition, more fluency in reading my hunger and fullness cues (long dormant after years of restricting), the permission to eat abundantly, and the ability to feel 100% myself, both physically and emotionally. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone!"

S, Houston

"I’m very grateful to have found Kathleen. Since I started working with Kathleen, I have progressed farther along the intuitive eating path than I had on my own. She is a great listener and a very knowledgeable counselor. I also like her forthright, supportive and non-judgmental approach. She’s excellent at hearing what I’m saying, then offering useful feedback and suggestions that help me reframe my thoughts and behaviors around food and eating."

C, Columbus OH

"After struggling with an eating disorder for a decade, it felt impossible to navigate healing my body and reaching the ultimate goal of intuitive eating on my own. Working with Kathleen is one of the best decisions I’ve made in recovery. We celebrate the wins of recovery and the enjoyment of foods I haven’t allowed myself to have for years. With the help of Kathleen’s knowledge and guidance, I can truly say I have gotten my life back and rediscovered a healthy relationship with food."

J, Los Angeles

"The biggest lesson I learned from Kathleen was compassion - for myself and my body. For months, she was professional, supportive, a cheerleader and a friend.  She taught me to let go of what I eat and to trust my body.  It’s still a struggle to unlearn old habits but I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been."

E, Atlanta

"Kathleen is so gentle with her words. She truly meets you where you are and never expects you to be further along.  She is kind, patient, and has an empathy that is so comforting.

I've learned the Intuitive Eating approach offers so much more than diet culture ever could, but it takes patience, self-compassion, and humbling yourself to the process, and Kathleen will walk alongside you through it all."

J, Houston

"I reached out to Kathleen after battling disordered eating habits for several years, and I'm so glad I did. I initially thought virtual sessions would be awkward, but that hasn't been my experience at all. Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, and I've felt comfortable talking to her since day one."
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