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Nutrition Therapy

Eating Disorder Recovery | Intuitive Eating Counseling
Weight-Inclusive Nutrition Therapy | Body Image Healing 

Welcome to nutrition therapy to help support

healing and nourishment


Let's work together to help you heal your relationship with food. Together, we'll discover your own definition of health and well-being. We'll explore ways to find more enjoyment and pleasure as we work to heal from feelings of guilt and shame around food. We'll get curious about what increased connection with the body looks like for you.


With a unique counseling approach, we'll reflect on the impact of rigid food rules and your past experience with food. We will explore the impact of disordered eating behaviors and seek to better understand their purpose. We will navigate challenges around food and body image during the healing process. 


Through weight-inclusive counseling, we'll explore how you might foster a more peaceful relationship with the body you have today. By emphasizing compassion, curiosity and experience, you'll practice tuning into your body's wisdom to eat in a satisfying and nourishing way.

The anti-diet approach can help you to rediscover the joy of eating without guilt or shame, all while honoring respectful care and practicing body acceptance.


Let's work toward a fully nourished life

that better aligns with your values.

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