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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (2013) [Japan Deluxe Edition]




; Digital download Format. CD If not done with the romance of boy and girl. What do you think? I love this song. And it’s not that I’m the kind of person to love more and more something, I just think that this song is really well written and I imagine that it’s a hard song to write. I don’t think that anybody can write a song this good. It’s a song of two people, it’s something romantic but it’s also something strong. It’s hard and it’s romantic and it’s also a dance song, and it’s also a song for mature people. I’m not a DJ or I’m not that kind of person who jumps on the dance floor and I’m not that kind of person who just dances in clubs. I’m not the kind of person who dances in the street, but sometimes I dance on the street to dance pop music. And I don’t know if you noticed, but pop music is the most popular music in the world. I’m not making that up, I’m not exaggerating. Because there are so many music genres, we have the rhythm, we have the rock, we have the classical, we have the folk, we have the country, we have the jazz, we have the pop. We have everything, so we have dancing, we have things like cycling, we have ice-skating, we have dancing, and we have singing. So it’s a very wide range of things, and there’s dancing everywhere, and you can dance everywhere. And that’s what this song is about. I think that everybody has a special passion, and I think that they are kind of special in their own way, but they have something that they love and that they want to do and that they are good at. And what the song is about is that there are two people, one is really good at something, and the other is good at something else. And they see each other and they say, “I love you, you’re amazing.” And the next day they’re in an elevator and the elevator is coming down and they say “I love




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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (2013) [Japan Deluxe Edition]

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